Realising the potential of synthetic biology for health

Data Curation and Management

The study of complex systems requires combining simulation, theory, and experiment with the large amounts of data, which poses significant challenges. We are actively developing, implementing and sharing solutions for data management including access to a variety of bespoke models.

All data generated from the publicly funded research must be made accessible to support wider dissemination within the scientific community and to ensure it can be re-used outside the initial scope of the studies.

We support:

•Data preservation
•Data aggregation and organization
•Data sharing and public dissemination
•Knowledge discovery
•Integration with processing/analysis frameworks
•Compliance with funding bodies and government policies

We achieve it through specialised repositories (e.g. PlaSMo, BioDare, SEEK, OpenBIS)


Practical evaluation of SEEK and OpenBIS for biological data management in SynthSys:
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