Realising the potential of synthetic biology for health


We have members from across all three Colleges of the University of Edinburgh, reflecting the truly interdisciplinary nature of the underpinning research. The hub is in the newly refurbished Roger Land building located on the University of Edinburgh’s King’s Buildings Campus.




Prof Susan Rosser

Deputy Director

Prof Alistair Elfick





Operations Team

Centre Manager Commercial Relations Manager Centre Administrator

Dr Liz Fletcher


Dr Lorraine Kerr

Ms Julie Fyffe



Principal Investigators

Prof Adrian Bird

Dr Jane Calvert

Prof Vincent Danos

Prof Jamie Davies

Prof Bill Earnshaw

Prof Charles Ffrench-Constant

Prof Andrew Millar

Dr Teuta Pilizota


Dr Steve Pollard

Prof Peter Swain


Prof Joyce Tait 


Dr Abdenour Soufi

Dr Tilo Kunath

Prof Manfred Auer

Dr Sara Buonomo


Facilities Managers 

Laser Enabled Analysis and Processing Single Cell Analysis and Microscopy Edinomics Edinburgh Genome Foundry

 Dr Gaynor Campbell 

Dr Ivan Clark

Dr Hannah Florance

Dr Hille Tekotte



Data Management and Models        

Dr Tomasz Zielinski