Realising the potential of synthetic biology for health


The UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology is delighted to collaborate with both academic and industrial researchers right across the globe. We are active participants in UK and Scottish hubs for innovation and translation of synthetic biology and collaborate with the other five UK synbio researh centres.

Our Commerical Partners:

Our International Collaborators:

Our Partner Centres:

Our Centre is one of six UK centres for multidisciplinary synthetic biology research centres, each with a unique focus of research and translation activity. Further information about these Centres can be found below.

SYNBIOCHEM - Manchester - Fine and Speciality Chemicals

BrisSynBio - Bristol - Biomolecular Design and Engineering

WISB - Warwick - Plant and Microbial Systems 

Open Plant - Cambridge/John Innes - Tools for A Sustainable Future 

SBRC Nottingham - Nottingham - C1-based Chemicals and Fuels 

Our Networks: