Realising the potential of synthetic biology for health


We are keen to share our enthusiasm for our research and participate in a wide variety of events including open days, local and UK science festivals, visits to schools and public debates.

What is synthetic biology?

Synthetic biology is defined as the design and construciton of new biological parts, devices and systems, or the re-design of natural parts and systems, for useful purposes. 

There are many useful sources of information in the form of papers, videos and animations about all aspects of synthetic biology and its potential applications via the following links: 

As well as many local Science Festivals, we work closely with local schools to develop useful materials to support STEM learning. You can find out about one project - a card game that explores the many aspects of synthetic biology - here.


Our Centre is working with the SAW Trust to help use art to educate and inspire children about science.


The SAW Trust inspires with science-art workshop



A record of the 2016 SAW activity at Prestonfield School, Edinburgh City.



We have developed a Master Biobuilder drop-in stand to explain the principles of synthetic Biology to children.

It has had several outings now! We also do 'Build a Bug' workshop, which explores the many different applications for synthetic biology.



A fuzzy felt festival of science



Meadows Festival (2018)

Take a look at this short video to see what happened next ....