Realising the potential of synthetic biology for health

Our Research

Our Centre will pioneer the development of the essential tools and technologies needed to realize the full potential of synthetic biology in mammalian cells. These tools will enable us to ‘learn by building’ rather than simply through observation of the natural world. Thereafter we will be able to apply this new understanding for solving challenges for medical research and ultimately healthcare.

Our Centre is building a capability in the design, construction and testing of synthetic components, integrated into the cellular host, to produce useful outputs in a robust and predictable manner.

We are developing in-house expertise in whole-cell modelling, the generation of tools for cell-engineering, computer-assisted design and the construction of DNA and high-throughput analysis of the resulting phenotype.

This approach will not only advance basic understanding of mammalian biology and pathology but also generate products and services for near-term commercial exploitation.

In parallel, we will develop and implement new understanding of the social and economic impact of this far-reaching technology to ensure its benefits to human and animal welfare.

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