Realising the potential of synthetic biology for health


Our Centre has a comprehensive suite of facilities that can support the entire design-build-test iterative cycle that is fundamental to the effective implementation of synthetic biological engineering, regardless of the host. We are home to the Edinburgh Genome Foundry, a BBSRC-funded national facility for the design and automated synthesis of DNA up to chromosome length.




We have a range of specialist facilities available including:


Edinburgh Genome Foundry: A BBSRC-funded, fully automated platform to assemble DNA up to chromosome size.

EdinOmics: A resource for quantitative biochemistry offering mass spec, high-throughput qRT-PCR, surface plasmon resonance and microcalorimetry.

Laser Enabled Analysis and Processing (LEAP): High-throughput imaging of live cells in-situ with laser-mediated cell processing capabilities.

Single Cell Analysis and Microscopy: A range of novel microcopy and image processing techniques including bespoke microfluidics, confocal microscopy (OperaTM system), optical imaging and cryo/electron microscopy.

Plant Phenomics: Tissue culture and biological containment, controlled growth environments and plant stem cell cultures.

Data Management and Models: Innovative data analysis combined with mechanistic modelling, network theory and robust data management.

Chemical Translational Biology: Miniaturised drug discovery platforms including single bead analysis, single molecule scanning and single cell micro spectroscopy.